Dan DeVries

307917_10200671952064966_232825660_nI negotiate contracts for a living (and no, I’m not a lawyer), but many of my personal endeavors have involved positions of leadership in various church and non-profit organizations. The success of those organizations has been inconsistent enough that I would certainly not hold myself out as an expert. But I have seen and learned a lot over the years, both by positive and negative example, and as my friends will tell you, I’m generally not too shy to share my observations.

I’ll chime in from time to time as things strike me. I appreciate your consideration of my thoughts and look forward to what I will learn from all of the other authors and members of Leadership Voices.


Dan is a business and non-profit organizational leader with many years experience in both worlds. He is a trusted advisor to many because of his insights and his discernment.

He is a family man with a wife and two grown children. And his interests range from broadcasting to tennis to ice hockey.