Fun with Father – Preschoolers

Fun with Father - PreschoolersI promised last week on Fatherhood Friday that I would offer up some simple and inexpensive things for us as Dads to do with our youngest children.  And if you have a preschooler at home it’s best to come up with a schedule that includes everyone’s nap times, snack times, and meals for the day. Try to stick to their regular bed time if you can. Stir in a little fun, and a pinch of adventure, sprinkle it with creativity and you will be surprised at the memories that you will have created by the end of the day.

If you are like many of us Dads, your kids see you as the serious one.  Let’s face it, we go off to work every day.  We come home tired and sometimes stressed and our children see that and assume that is all that we are and what we are really like on the inside.  They never saw us in our younger days when we were carefree college students and doing silly things to try to get the attention of that girl that one day became your wife and their mother.  Your children need to see you in lighter and more carefree moments.  They need to see us at play a whole lot more than they need to see us at work!

Are you interested in showing them a different side of you?

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