Lead them to the manger today

Baby Jesus in the Manger 2There are a lot of leadership topics that we have discussed so far since the start of Leadership Voices.  But today, I am focused on leading folks to the manger.  Something glorious happened overnight.

No, not Santa.  While the world slept, Jesus was born!

Ok, maybe not last night.  But He was born on a night like last night.  It was a night with lots of activity.  For Joseph and Mary it was the busyness of the census and travelling with the throngs of people as they all journeyed to their ancestral homes.  For many of us, it was the busyness of wrapping, cooking, cleaning and the mad rush to the 24 hour drug store as we realized that batteries really weren’t included.

It would be foolish of me to suggest or to try to eliminate all of the activities that accompany the modern Christmas season.  But I would speak to you men on this day.  I would speak especially to you husbands and fathers.  And if I am honest, I would speak to myself.  And what I would say is this:

Let’s lead our families and loved ones to the manger today.  Not literally, but figuratively.  Let’s lead our families to the manger in some form or fashion today to worship Jesus Christ the newborn king.

Don’t send them.

Lead them!

Merry Christmas Signature