Careful! You might get what you ask for.

Escalator Going UpIt has been quite interesting watching the employees within organizations strive for what they feel, is a well deserved advancement within the company. I can think of at least five different situations where a great salesperson was intent upon becoming management – only to later discover that the advancement was confining and not in harmony with his skill sets or need to be publicly rewarded. An advancement in the hierarchy of the corporation does not always lead to an advancement in our level of job fulfillment, quality of life or even earnings.

It seems natural and logical in many ways to assume that corporate job growth is vertical. But in real life, our relational landscape is horizontal, and much of the natural growth of our lives consists in increasing the friendships and relationships around us. That is all growth that expands our area of influence outwardly and not vertically.

In a vertical corporate promotion, we tend to interact with less individuals on a personal basis and become more isolated from where “the tire hits the road”. Upper management is often accused of not being “in touch” with either the rank and file or the needs of the business. So why is it we often feel that a vertical “promotion” is the proper way to be rewarded for our efforts?

My guess is we are indoctrinated into thinking that being promoted upward is the ultimate reward in business. When, in fact, we often have greater power to influence our peers and management if we excel at the position we are already performing in. I am not saying that a vertical promotion is necessarily bad, but consider what it will change in your life. It may bring on undue stress that you carry home. And in all reality, if you perform well in your current position your earnings and your power to influence others might be greater. You will derive respect from your peers and management based upon your stellar performance – rather than respect derived from position in rank.

I would much rather be respected for what I produce – rather than for the title I carry. This was written by someone who has “been there – done that”. Please give it some thought.

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Paul is a former Divisional Manager in both the Advertising and Mortgage / Financial Arenas. During his business career he has built top 5% performing offices in the mortgage and advertising business. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Epic Missions, Inc, a Florida based 501c3 that offers volunteers to the homeless, needy and poor of our communities. Epic Missions facilitates short term missions travel for individuals, teams, youth groups, public schools, colleges and churches across the USA and Canada. Epic Missions owns 16 acres and has three buildings comprising over 7,000 sq. ft on its base in Vero Beach Florida that house, feed, train and facilitate short term missions travel. Http://

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