Calling All Fathers!

FF - 20130607Everyone has a great “Father knows best” story.  Or, at least, everyone has a favorite anecdote about their Dad.

So, I am calling all Fathers to send me your favorite story about being a Dad.  And you Kids, I need you to send me your favorite story about your Dad.

I will take a look at each one and pick on of them to be the featured article for the Fatherhood Friday before this coming Father’s Day, June 16th.  Can you do it?  Will you do it?  It can be funny.  It can be heartwarming.  It can be anything that is memorable to you.  Let’s see who has the best story to share for Fatherhood Friday the 14th of June.

And, don’t worry, if you want it to be anonymous, just tell me and we will post it anonymously.  So, start thinking about it and try to remember the details of a great fatherhood story.  Send it to me by email at


Photo credit: DNAMichaud / / CC BY

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