Happy, Happy, Happy


I recently discovered a show that many know about — Duck Dynasty.

When I first heard about the show, I thought it was a Daffy Duck cartoon.  I admit watching the show makes me “Happy, Happy, Happy”.  “Hey!” It’s good entertainment.

I grew up watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, and I Love Lucy.  Those shows were reminders of a more innocent time. The shows were wholesome.  I miss those shows.  (Of course, with on-demand television, you can re-visit those shows anytime.)  Those shows as dated as they are now…reminded us of the basics:  Family, Faith, and dare I say Fathers.

For those of you, who don’t know.  Duck Dynasty is a “reality tv show” that follows a Louisiana family called the Robertsons.  The Robertson family are basically the Clampetts of Duck Calls.  They made a fortune creating, selling, and merchandising their Duck Commander duck calls.  The show follows the CEO, his wise father, and the antics of his Redneck Brothers and crazy Uncle SI.

The family trudges through the daily grinds of life like sibling rivalry, teaching their oldest daughter to drive, dating, homecoming dress codes, Career day at school, being arrested while frog hunting, yuppie wives and yuppie children all while dealing with their pop-culture educated crazy uncle Si.   The show is reminiscent of the innocence of Mayberry and slapstick of Lucy crushing grapes into wine with her feet in the Italian country side.

Every show ends with the family gathered around a meal (recently hunted) and a grateful prayer to the Lord above for their blessing.

Now…portions if not all of the show are staged.  No doubt the Robertson clan are shrewd business men portrayed as bumbling idiots who love to be boys.  My good friends remind me of the Robertson clan.  Allen is Will.  Ken is Jase.  Mark is Martin.  And that would make me…Si.

Today if you lament about the lack of good clean television programming.  May I suggest Duck Dynasty to you.  It will make you Happy, Happy, Happy.


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