Happy Birthday to Leadership Voices!

Happy Birthday Leadership Voices - 1Today marks the first anniversary of Leadership Voices. And what an incredible first year it has been!

What began in my home office on my laptop has grown into a world-class team of leaders and writers who are reaching an average of 1,000 readers each month on this website according to the website analytics. From that first article to over 250 articles in twelve months, we have really seen significant growth in readership and interest in what is going on at Leadership Voices.

It is YOU that has made our first year such a success! And we say “Thank You!” for adding us to the list of sites that you visit on the web and making us a part of your personal leadership development.

Happy Birthday Leadership Voices - 2Thanks go to Rene Rivera who caught a glimpse of the vision that I had for Leadership Voices from the very beginning and was the first to want to be a part of this.  I also want to thank each of the 15 authors who have contributed the 254 articles that we have published to date. Each author has brought their own unique perspective and “voice” to the team. Not all of our articles have been as well received as we had hoped. But, we have each one tried to provide unique and original content for you.

Many of our readers are new and haven’t noticed yet taken advantage of the various themed days of content. For instance, did you realize the themes that we are trying to carry on the following days?:

  • Monday is “Manday” and is devoted to manliness topics. Rene Rivera leads this effort, but he is looking for someone to come along side and share the leadership load for this important day.
  • Tuesday is “On the Team Tuesday” and is devoted to teamwork from all of the many facets that it is viewed. Billy Long has discussed leading sales teams, military teams, and being a team leader at home.
  • Wednesday is “Women’s Wednesday” and is devoted to our small but growing female audience. Jamie Joy is a young wife and mother and speaks to women in that station of life about the role of women as leaders in their homes and how that relates to the role of husband and father. Jamie is also looking for someone to share the writing load as she is a very active wife and mom and also has her own personal blog at http://JamieJoy.com.
  • Friday is “Fatherhood Friday” and I have devoted much of his writing to that day. I am passionate about fathers as leaders and have been a driving force behind the theme for that day. I am open to any of the rest of the team who want to write on that subject and I don’t feel an exclusive hold on the day.

No other days have a theme as of yet and those days are generally peppered with general interest articles relating to leadership. We have had occasional periods of targeted content such as Steve Petronio’s “Mentoring Moments” and we look forward to the return of those types of articles.

I am very proud of the articles that we have produced in this first year. And I want to share with you my personal list of favorites so far. Since we are in the middle of college football season, I will give you my Top 25 from Year One.

  1. Lead by Following
  2. Five Qualities of an Effective Team Mate
  3. Some Things a Dad Should Teach a Son
  4. Mentoring Moment: Ethics
  5. God and Dr. Pepper
  6. Leadership Ethos
  7. Let Your Yea be Yea; and Your Nay, Nay
  8. Women’s Wednesday – The Beginning!
  9. Is Leadership Static or Dynamic?
  10. Accountability: Like-Minded versus Life-Minded
  11. “Servant” Leadership in Business
  12. Why would someone want to be a leader?
  13. Collective Courage or Cowardice
  14. Mentoring Moments – Tip or Bribe?
  15. The Modern Sheepdog
  16. Thermometer vs. Thermostat Leaders
  17. Where have all the leaders gone?
  18. Leadership and Conflict
  19. Leadership Characteristics
  20. Elected Leaders vs. Influential Leaders
  21. Leadership is like riding a bicycle
  22. Flame Versus Fame
  23. What Would Winston Do?
  24. Listening – A Secret to Leadership Growth
  25. Leading with Fear vs. Leading with Respect

We have lot’s more as many of you have already found out. “Thank you!” again for being a part of this first year. And “Thank you!” for helping us spread the word and help rebuild leadership skills in our homes, churches, jobs and in our culture and society.





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