New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Everyone loves to have a new beginning.

To be sure, we all need new beginnings.

Some come everyday.  Some come during certain seasons in life.

A new beginning is the end of what has come before and starting on the path to what is next.

Spring is a season of new beginnings. After the winter when everything has either died or gone dormant, Spring is the time when things are “reborn”, “revitalized” or “reawakened”.

Spring is when Easter is as well. Easter is the time when we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He died so that we might have new beginnings. He rose again so that we might have new beginnings. Jesus’ death and resurrection are all about us closing the door on the past sins, failures and dead-ends and receiving His free gift of new life!

Since this is Easter weekend it seems fitting to consider the new beginnings available to us.

In order to lead others we must first have a personal new beginning. We must learn from the past mistakes and move forward. We must allow unwise decisions of the past to inform us but not define us. As leaders we need to let go of the detrimental and harmful things of life and hold on to the things and people that give life.

A good leader will not only learn from the past and move on from harmful things but will also go through their own “rebirth”, “revitalization” and “reawakening” in order to become a person full of life, full of wisdom, full of learning and full of hopeful optimism for the future.

Does your business need a new beginning? How about your team? Your idea? You? If so, do you know who can give you and your organization the new life that is needed? Please, this Easter weekend, talk to the Lord, consider His free gift and allow Him to give you a new beginning.

And then next week, as you start the first day of the rest of your life, allow the new beginnings in you to shape and form the way you lead others to their own new beginnings.

Photo credit: emilio labrador / Foter / CC BY

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