Proof of Leadership

Is there a “test” for leadership?

It is easy to look like a leader when everything is going well. I think we can make the argument that everything is not going well. We are living in difficult days. I am speaking globally. And I am speaking about our nation. And I am speaking about the great state of Texas. And I am speaking about my own little life.

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Publilius Syrus

Nobody panic. All is well in my home. I just love a great quote and this is one of my favorites. What does it mean? To me, it is about the difference between being a leader and just looking like a leader.

To my friends and family, there is no need for alarm. I am very blessed. But here is the reality of life as I see it.

Globally – We are seeing world events take place that may bring to resolution a conflict that my father was a part of 68 years ago on the Korean Peninsula. The world watches and waits.

Nationally – Our nation is on the verge of cultural and class warfare.

Texas – Here in Texas we are engaged again in a battle to see if we are conservative enough. Is there a “litmus test” for conservatism? I don’t know for sure. And if so, would I pass it? Would you?

Home – Home is where I find joy and contentment and love and acceptance. I am blessed beyond measure with a family that is strong and courageous and loving and caring. But there are still struggles every day that are common to many of you who read these words.

So, is there a test that determines if you are a leader or not?

It is easy to lead when times are easy. You can just show up and things will be just fine. But times are not easy right now. We need strong and principled leaders at every level of society. We need more from our elected leaders. But we need to be doing more ourselves.

Surveys, quizzes, and tests clutter my social media feed throughout the day. Take this simple test and see what kind of celebrity that you are most similar to. Take this quiz and see what kind of husband you are. Take this one and see what kind of personality is most dominant in you.

I wish there was a test to determine if you are a leader. Maybe more importantly, I wish there was a test I could administer to those who claim to be leaders. The leadership landscape is cluttered with those that are ineffective, fakes, and wannabes. I wish that there was a way to empirically determine someone’s “leadership score.”

Publilius Syrus reminds us that anyone can steer the ship in open calm waters. But it takes a real leader to navigate the shoals and shallows or ride out a storm without a port in sight.

I want to be a leader with a strong and steady hand when the oceans roll. I am looking for that kind of leader to follow. What about you?





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