Do I really want better vision?

Optometrist ToolEvery couple years I visit the eye doctor for an examination. I am coming to the realization that losing your sight or vision is a natural progression, so it’s important to keep our prescription current on our glasses. Too much strain on the eyes to focus is damaging, so going too long in between examinations will only hurt your overall vision.

The doctor will generally dial in the right numbers on the lenses and ask you which setting looks better. It’s a process you must work with the doctor on so he can find the best prescription setting for you. Endure to the end and it will be worth it.

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Passenger Van

Passenger Van SeatsConsider for a moment that we are all on a journey and we are travelling in a van.  There is seat for everyone.  With this in mind, think about what seat you would choose to sit in if you could choose any seat that you wanted?  Would it be the driver’s seat,  the passenger’s seat, the middle seats, or the back seats?

The passenger’s seat would allow you to co-pilot the van, hold the map, and give guidance in reaching predetermined destinations.

The middle seats allow you to be surrounded by people so you can be the life of the party.  You have many opportunities to socialize with everyone.

The back seat allows you to be secluded to an extent.  No one is behind you and you can take it easy.  There is more time for observing and thinking while seated in the back.

The driver’s seat is

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