Billy Long, Jr.

Billy Long Bio PhotoI am a 42 year old father of three girls, and my wife and I are members of Houston First Church of the Nazarene.  My background consists of several tours of duty with Naval Special Warfare during the first Gulf War, Texas A&M, and I am currently a salesman for a data management company located in Houston, Texas.

I agreed to subscribe to and participate in this endeavor with Kevin because I feel Leadership is an important and missing quality in several facets of life these days.  I feel too much leading is being done from the back, …“ Do what I say, not what I do..”, In business, in our homes, in our government, in our churches….there is a lack of good examples for people to follow.

I have enjoyed what I have read so far, and look forward to more.

I am a Christian, a Husband and a Father, in that order. Leadership is important to me, because I see too many outside influences acting on the lives of my children, and I need support to make sure I am the most dominant influence. I appreciate your feedback and enjoy reading your input. Thanks in advance for being part of this endeavor.