“A man who thinks he is leading, but has no one following him, is only taking a walk.”

That leadership quote has been attributed to antiquity as an ancient Chinese proverb.  And it has been attributed in recent times to former pastor and current leadership expert, John Maxwell.  And if we can take one thing from the varied attribution of this maxim it is that defining and exhibiting leadership has been a problem for a very long time.

chinese_proverb.v2True leadership is something that is sorely lacking in today’s culture just like it must have been to the ancient Chinese.  However, it is not that we don’t have good people in elected or appointed positions of leadership.  We do.  I am just not sure that I see very much actual leadership being displayed by them.  What I do see is a lot of “leaders” just walking about.  The thing that many leaders are missing is followers.  And if followers don’t define a leader, they at least do identify one.

And it is in this vein that I launch this new web enterprise on Leadership.  It is my goal to take a look at leadership from as many angles as possible.  Some of those views will be:

  • What does leadership look like from a Biblical perspective?
  • What does leadership look like from a secular perspective?
  • What does leadership look like from a business perspective?
  • What does leadership look like from a military perspective?
  • What does leadership look like from a family perspective?
  • What does it take to be a good or great leader?
  • Who in history can be role models for leadership today?
  • Who is demonstrating leadership today?
  • Can anyone or everyone be a leader?
  • What resources exist to make better leaders?
  • How many followers do you have to have to be considered a leader?

Leadership has become a passion of mine in recent times.  I am passionate about both being a leader and developing leaders around me.  I believe that our society and today’s culture is devoid and desperate for real leaders.  Maybe not on a grand scale.  But we are longing for someone to inspire us to greatness.  And to lead us to be more than we can be by ourselves.

Are you interested in being a leader?  Will you join me in the journey of discovery of what it means to be a leader?

Join the conversation.  I am not looking for a silly interchange.  So I am requiring you to take the step of registering to join the discussion.  Most of you who will be drawn to this topic are already active on other forums or outlets for expression and probably are accustomed to the process.  So register below and leave a reply.  Leave a comment.  Be a part of the dialog.  You just may inspire someone with what you say.



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