Leadership is… Modeling


Modeling - 1Leadership is leading, but perhaps first it is living.

We must live what we know is right and pursue the goals and steps we know are important to live out our purpose. In other words as leaders we must let our lives model our convictions. As those who have been given charge of a group of people we must model what we are advocating and live out loud the lifestyle and practices that we are hoping they will one day emulate. In order to have credibility we must be authentic and live what we teach. Not only this but because people learn in so many different ways a multi-sensory approach to training and equipping is a must.

Furthermore, faithfully living out what we desire for those we are responsible for will help them to realize that what we are asking of them is much more than just a routine but we believe in it enough that we devote our lives to taking our ideas, philosophies, convictions, goals and dreams and putting “skin” on them.

Be so committed to your purpose and convictions that your life is a picture of what you desire your followers to be.

Photo credit: Enrique_L. / Foter / CC BY-NC
Photo credit: Scania Group / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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