What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

What to do when you don't know what to do

What should we do when we don’t know what to do? You know the times I am talking about. Things seem to be coming at you a bit too hard and a bit too fast. Yesterday you thought you had it handled but today things are a bit too much. What do you do when it seems like things aren’t headed in a good direction and something needs to change quick before the situation either explodes or implodes and leaves nothing but pieces in its aftermath?

Many times we find ourselves doing a number of similar things each time things get a bit out of control:

  • Decompress
  • Self-medicate (through drugs, caffeine, nicotine, food, etc)
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Escape
  • Comfort aids (food, drink, music, other)

But are these the right things to do? What happens when we take this approach? The reality is that each of these things have a degree of helpfulness in taking the edge off in the midst of difficult times, but in and of themselves, these fixes are truly only temporary and often only compound the problem.

Within each of us is a struggle and it is that inner struggle that causes the chaos. It is not the outer circumstances but the inner thoughts, attitudes and reactions that need to be aligned and centered. These things can only happen in prayer and in the presence of God. Peace is not an absence of conflict, nor is it a state of mind. Peace is a fruit of the Spirit and where the Spirit is there is peace. If we want to have that peace in our lives, we must dwell in Him and He in us. Things that overwhelm us are not a problem if we rest in the hands of One who is bigger than the biggest problem.

I know God uses many things to help us come to a place of comfort, rest, healing, joy and peace but most important is abiding. If God asks you to “decompress” by telling Him how you are feeling, tell Him. And tell Him all of it. He is big enough, He can handle it. If God invites you away to a prayer closet in your house or on the beach to be alone with Him, then do it. Please don’t resort to self-diagnosing, self-medicating, running away (escape) or drowning your sorrows. Take it to the Lord in prayer. Leave your burdens there, and learn to live in His constantly abiding presence. I know in His presence you will find His perfect peace.

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