Wayne Butler

WAyne Butler BioDuring my employment I have worked for both of the largest railroads in the US. I started working for the B&O Railroad now CSX and the Union Pacific RR. Between those I operated a small trucking business and worked for a few excavating companies.

I learned from an early age the importance of having “elders” as friends. It was those elders who went out of their way every Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday night to see this young kid went to church, and provided sound advise when making business decisions.

As a testament to their leadership I have spent 45+ years of my life in church. At the age of 21 God called me to follow Him.

It seems that God has always steered me toward the elders in the church for nurturing.  One of the greatest was Mr. John Stroman. He reminded me so much of a teacher I had in grade school who was only a substitute. Mr. Kelly, very much like “dad” as I later came to call John, had the uncanny ability to teach me so much using so many words. Maybe, just maybe, it was their unique style of formulating and articulating their core message into something they really wanted me to learn that they didn’t have to preach it, but made it so interesting to listen to.

In the late 1990’s God laid upon me the need to do short term work in the mission field working in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, England, Jordan, and most recently a visionary trip to a place that has been thought unreachable.

Jordan was most interesting providing the opportunity to travel to the “Dead Sea” and to go to “Bethany beyond Jordan”, then to visit the site where Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River. A very moving trip…to walk where Jesus walked!

I am prepping for another trip to Peru in July. Your prayers are most appreciated.

I now reside in Laramie Wyoming, 7,220 feet, where heaven is just a local call.


Equities Manager

Sharing leadership values and skills to the next generation is a passion! Driven by a solid work ethic and a desire for premium outcomes, whatever the situation.
Having a passion to share the gift God has so generously given us to all who "chose" to believe.
A Laramie County Community College Graduate in Business Management.
An enthusiastic world mission leader, church treasurer with a passion to share biblical ethics.
Equities Manager for local firm.