Accountability: I Got Your Back, Bro!


I have had the amazing opportunity to hang out with Operators. Those amazing men who have gone to sandy places, slept in foxholes, and returned to tell amazing stories of battle.  Every chance they get they share stories of camaraderie and close calls.

In those stories, I would hear a recurring theme. Trust. How each operator had each other’s back. They were constantly checking each others “six”.   SIX-An old aviation term to look behind you (“your 6 o’clock” referring to the relative location of a threat with 12 o’clock being directly in front of you).

In my current profession, I have to constantly keep looking over my shoulder.  Fortunately, when I’m in the field, I have a partner that helps me and has my six.  And in return, I cover my partner.

In our daily lives, as we bumble through life, it is good to surround yourself with trustworthy men that will have your back.  Men you can trust to guard you from the many pitfalls of life and help you get to your next objective.

As you strive to be a leader to your family, friends, and co-workers yield yourself to the cover of others and in return cover their six.

In the weeks to come, I want to propose/share a new way of retooling men’s small groups with you.  Not a curriculum, not a program, but a methodology.  (GREAT!  A new men’s small group technique. HOLD ON, Mr. Skeptical.)    A methodology to achieve life transformation…to be a better man/leader than you were yesterday.

Don’t worry.  It may hurt a little.  But the rewards are awesome.  And I got your back, Bro!


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