Seriously, why do we lead?

Seriously why - 1Why do we lead?

This will mark the second time today and the fourth time in the past two days I have started, renamed and changed this article in an attempt to get my point across. I realize that in December of 2012 I authored a very tongue in cheek article about “Why would someone want to be a leader?” However, this time, I am seriously asking the question “Why do you lead?

What deep down causes you or gives you the need or the drive to lead. I don’t think I am talking to business owners because their leadership drives the bottom line. I think I am talking to normal guys like you and like me, fathers, 9-5-ers, husbands, and weekend warriors. Why do you do the things you do?

Seriously why - 2I don’t want to blow my own horn here. I mean to be as humble as possible. But I try to set the right example for my kids. I try to be the leader I think they deserve and want or need. What I mean by all that is, if someone needs help and I am able to provide it, I try to help them. Everything from running to the dance studio at 9:00 pm because a mother has left her dome light on and her car battery is dead, or if one of our elders has trouble getting from the car to door of the church, or if my neighbor who had a stroke years ago, needs help around the house.

But I have realized that I may do these things for selfish reasons. I feel as though in my head, I would want someone to help my family if I was not available. Maybe it is also a little pay it forward as there are folks out there that have helped me in the past.

I heard once, that true character, was the act of doing something for someone who could never repay you. I wonder, could I change that a little bit, to suit leadership? Say, “True leadership is the act of offering your time and talents to any willing to accept it or those that need it”.

Seriously why - 4So I ask again, why do you lead? There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? It seems 9 times out of 10, you are nourishing a flower you may never see bloom.

Why do you want to lead? Why did you want to assume a position of leadership?

There are some fundamental questions. Is it a matter of completing a resume? Is it ego? Is it a matter of expectations – yours or others? Is it a matter of power and authority? These questions matter to the people who are led, but they also are of prime importance to the person leading. What is it that drives you to lead?

Leadership is important in all of our lives – personally, nationally, and professionally. Why and how people become leaders are important issues to ponder because principles are vital in leadership. The principles that we hold will focus our perspective and vision. The lens through which we see leadership defines how we will behave.

I am interested in why any and all would lead. And maybe I am referencing leadership actions, maybe, but I am not sure. I just want to make sure when someone sees what I do they either want to be a part of what I am doing or want to help me do it.

Leave me a comment below. Even if you normally don’t do that. I am really looking for some insight into the heads and hearts of other leaders.

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I am a Christian, a Husband and a Father, in that order. Leadership is important to me, because I see too many outside influences acting on the lives of my children, and I need support to make sure I am the most dominant influence. I appreciate your feedback and enjoy reading your input. Thanks in advance for being part of this endeavor.

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