Manday: Speaking to the Ladies

Manday - Speaking to the Ladies - 1Here are some things that I know to be true.

Ladies, if you marry a real man, not a man that is flashy and edgy and is an exciting “bad boy”, but a real man.  If he has demonstrated an ability to make self-sacrifice a part of his basic character and is therefore willing to be a man that will make every sacrifice needed to become the Spiritual leader of your home, I can promise you one thing.  I can promise you that he will have a long term view of love and of life.

And it is that long-term view of love and life that will be the thing that drives his commitment to you and to the family that you and he have established.  Real men have a long-term view of the world.  Many men only think about what is right in front of them.  When you are in front of them, they think about you.  But when they are away from you and your eyes, their eyes have a tendency to wander.  They can be distracted by the short-term and by doing what feels good.

Real men with long-term views are not distracted by what they see and they are not guided by what they feel.  Instead, they are guided by commitment and principles.  The problem is that many times these kinds of men are not the ones that some ladies tend to notice.  I know this for a fact.  And here is how I know.  

I wasn’t noticed by those looking for flash and dash.  I was one of those guys that was noticed by one very special lady.  She saw something in me and she put a desire in me to be the man that she saw.  I never want to disappoint her.

Manday - Speaking to the Ladies - 2Ladies, I can’t promise that you will go First Class. I can’t promise that you will not go broke. But I can promise that if you chose a man with a long-term view of love and of live then you will never go it alone.  You will never be left to fend for yourself.  You will not be forced to be both mother and father to your children.  You will have someone to is walking side by side with you through all of life’s challenges.  Some days he will go before you ad blaze a trail.  He may even be carrying you some days.  But he will always be with you.

Why am I saying this to women on “Manday”?  I am saying it because I know some women out there who need encouragement today.  And I am saying it because I know that there are some men out there who need to be reminded of what a real man is called to be and to do.

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