Why I Lead

Green man showing the leadership qualities and red man showing isolated people

I have asked myself the question: “Why do I lead?

And I have come up with the following reasons.

  • I lead in order to help others.
  • I lead that change might come to the people, organizations and cities I interact with.
  • I lead that others might find themselves, discover their purpose, be transformed and become mature, contributing members of society.
  • I lead because there are many negative influences in the lives of people and unfortunately at least some of the masses seem to blindly follow these influences, seemingly ignorant of consequences.
  • I lead because there do exist moral absolutes and principles which lives, organizations, culture and society need to be founded upon, but far too often are forgotten or ignored and someone needs to bravely proclaim these truths in the face of all opposition.
  • I lead because there seems to be a vacuum of healthy and helpful leadership.
  • I lead because common sense seems lacking and I believe that leadership, at least in part, can help to restore some manner of common sense to others
  • I lead that the lives and the future possibilities of those I lead might be improved.
  • I lead in the hopes of setting an example of living and serving that others will want to emulate.
  • I lead because when I see injustice, suffering, people struggling, or people who just need a hand, I simply cannot sit idly by.
  • I lead because there is an epidemic of sub-par and status-quo behavior and I believe that much of this is due to the lack of healthy leadership.
  • I lead because helping others is the right thing to do.

Why do you lead?

Photo credit: hang_in_there / Foter / CC BY

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My name is Michael Johnson. I am a child of the King of kings and Lord of lords. I have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and I am on a journey of faith to become like Jesus Christ.

I am a husband and father, an adventurer and seeker, an artist and a musician (of sorts).

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