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This has been a very good year for and Leadership Voices, LLC.  This was a year for some serious reflection, introspection, evaluating what we are all about.  And I believe that following a brief sabbatical time, we have emerged better and stronger and more focused on our goal and mission.

There have been 81 articles posted this year on the website.  We have had 7 other contributors in 2015.  And, here are my top 5 articles and the top article for each of our 7 guest contributors this year to give us the Top 12 Articles that were published this year.

  1. Three Characteristics of Visible Leaders
  2. Sailing the 7 “C”s of Leadership
  3. Today’s Task – Sharpen Your Sword
  4. 7 Must Have Characteristics to Achieve Leadership Presence
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. How to Live on the Edge of Laughter by Rodney Mills
  7. What American Sniper Reminded Me About Leadership by Jack Smith
  8. Why I Lead by Michael Johnson
  9. Leading the Next Generation of Leaders by David Evans
  10. The Holy Trinity of Combat by Billy Long
  11. Correction Time by Scott Hilton
  12. The Business of Ethics by Wayne Butler

I am really looking forward to 2016.  There are plans to bring many more articles on the many facets of leadership that are relevant to our audience.  I am very grateful for the words of encouragement that I receive from so many of you about how the articles are helping you and impacting your ongoing leadership development.  And I am always open to suggested topics.  So, if you think of one that you would like to see, drop me an email at or just leave your suggestion in the comments below.

Happy New Year and I look forward to our continued success in 2016.

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