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DSC_0618Although I started Leadership Voices, it is actually the logical evolution of some research and writing that I have been doing since 1996.  Some of the thoughts and ideas go back to some work that I undertook with a couple of guys back in the mid-1990s.  Together we worked to create an entirely different leadership structure for a local church board.

It is also a collaborative effort by some folks who are on the cutting edge of the leadership battle.  These folks are using their individual life experiences to bring a fresh, intimate and practical perspective to the subject of leadership.

Writing has has not come easy to me.  However, I have found a voice in blogging and have been an active blogger since 2006.  This now is a driving passion in my life.  Outside of my family, this is one of the most important things in which I am involved.

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I hope you enjoy what we are offering here on LeadershipVoices.  I hope it challenges you and causes you to think about your own leadership roles and your leadership style.  And I also hope it prompts you to respond, reply or comment on what we are writing.

Leading,  Following and Guiding,

Kevin Bowser

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I am the husband of a beautiful and wonderful woman. I am the father of two of the greatest kids on the planet. I am a father-in-law to a great young woman. And I am Papa to three very special grandchildren. In my spare time I am an active blogger and writer. And if there is any time left over, I work with small non-profit organizations and churches on the topics of change management, crisis intervention and leadership development.