The Convictions of Man

kinopoisk.ruI have wondered for some time this one penetrating question; What happened to the convictions of man?

I’m sure the period of time in which we find ourselves probably has many of us asking the same question. Let’s consider a few quotes from Saving Private Ryan. Private Jackson says to Captain Miller: “Sir… I have an opinion on this matter.” To which Captain Miller replies: “Well, by all means, share it with the squad.”

Ok squad, to be a man we have to find where that definition comes from. Knowing that God did NOT give us the definition but instead explicitly gave us examples of what it is to be a man of God. Clearly, there are two types of men; a worldly man, and a man who reveres God. We must understand what a man looks like under God’s leadership.

It is important to know that: Responsibility = response + ability.

The Convictions of Man - 2Men have a natural tendency to avoid social responsibility, but the more you walk with Christ, the more He separates you from your natural tendencies to be passive. When we examine the roll of Adam and Eve we learn how passive Adam was. Adam is there but his actions represent man in his worse state. Genesis 3:6 could be the saddest verse in the Bible. Adam allowed his wife, God’s gift to him, to be deceived, he is visible but not relevant….he is there but goes numb when needed.

It takes a man to stand up and do what’s right when a woman wants to do whatever she wants, especially when it is wrong or damaging to her. A great man accepts responsibility and God holds us accountable for our responsibilities. A man is responsible for protecting his family and he must protect his heart because the health of the home is determined by how well he protects his heart. A man must protect his wife and know that a women’s self-esteem is shaped by how their husbands treat them and women are more emotionally vulnerable to relational pain. A man will make his wife better by her being with him. Her attitude should improve and she should be a radiant woman.

A great man leads his family courageously to do God’s will even though it may not be popular. Even though fathers have hurt children, it’s inherent in us that we want to be loved by our dad.

The Convictions of Man - 3A man must provide for his family’s needs. You don’t pray with words, you pray with a lifestyle and God doesn’t bless people who abandon their responsibilities. A mature man thinks in terms of decades and takes small tasks with great passion. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the job you want; you work hard where you are now.

Let’s step up to the plate and be the “men” we are called to be.

Isn’t it time we started accepting the responsibility for life’s choices that we have made?

Again as Captain Miller says in Saving Private Ryan: Well, in that case… I’d say, “This is an excellent mission, sir, with an extremely valuable objective, sir, worthy of my best efforts, sir”.

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