Through What Scope Is Leadership Seen?

Leading Small - 1Which is better, leaders that have a huge following or the men and women that take the time to invest in those they come in constant contact with in everyday life?

This question has always troubled me until recently. I just finished a book that was given to me to help give me guidance on to how to lead in a small group setting called Lead Small by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas. The book posed this question as well. I want to start by saying I think that we all need those leaders that gather large groups of people together and unite us. However, I believe that just because we are called to be leaders does not mean that the only way to be one is to gain a massive following. The book I was reading presented an idea that I had perhaps never thought of before; that in a bigger picture scope, the everyday people that choose to lead through everyday life to the people they come in contact with are just as effective, possibly even more effective, than those who lead big. To quote the book;

Leading Small - 3“Most people dream of finding an opportunity to do something BIG. To make a BIG change. To lead BIG. That’s why we accumulate Facebook friends and Twitter Followers, make videos in hopes of going viral, climb the corporate ladder, audition for “So You Think You Have the Voice To Dance with the Biggest Loser”. In fact most of us believe the best way to make a BIG difference is to get a big following. And when the masses don’t follow, when the 11’o’clock news isn’t knocking down the door, we try something else. Something BIG. But what if the things we consider BIG don’t matter as much as we think? What if the biggest difference is made by not doing something big at all? What if the biggest things are really accomplished by doing something small? When we lead small we realize that what we do for a few will always have more potential than what we do for many.”  

Pgs.18 Lead Small

Growing up, I was influenced by a lot of things.

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