Is It Still Worth A Try?

Coming Back from Exile

Is It Still Worth A Try?

Is it still worth a try? I believe that it is still worth it. At least I think so. What is the “it” in this statement? The “it” is the desire to return from exile.

Two weeks ago I looked at the issue of Leadership in Exile. We discussed the fact that many leaders are self-exiled. And that they are such by their own choice based on their own experience or circumstance. And I concluded that article with some example of some leaders who were self-exiled and some examples of what they did during that period of their lives.

Why were you in “exile” in the first place?

It is worth a quick look back at some of the reasons some have been in exile.

  • Exhaustion — You got really tired. Have you gotten some rest?
  • Frustration — You got really frustrated with your situation. Has it changed at all?
  • Lack of Followship — You looked around and no one was following? Have you figured out why that was the case?
  • Lack of Support — You had no support from your leader. Is there new leadership above you? Or have they gotten better as a leader?
  • Viewed as a Threat — You were viewed as a threat to existing leadership or the status quo. Has the situation changed or has your leader gotten more confident in themselves or in your ability to lead without feeling threatened?

Is it time to return from exile?

If we have self-exiled, then we have the power to re-enter the leadership arena, right? The question we constantly ask ourselves serves as the title of this article — “Is it still worth a try?”

Only you can decide the answer to that question for yourself. But, let me offer a few brief reasons why I think it is still worth a try.

Your _______ needs you. — Just fill in the blank. Your “family”, your “team”, your “church”, your “club or organization” needs you to lead. So many times, there is no one else that can lead in your particular circumstance. That is certainly true from a family perspective. If not you, then who will lead your family?

There is nothing else like it. — There is really not much else that is like the adrenaline rush of leadership. The thrill of leading often makes the pain of leadership bearable. It often makes the pain easily forgotten once it has passed.

You have missed it. — You have been gone long enough. Your hiatus or sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it, is over. It is time to re-enter the leadership fray. It is time to get back into the action. It is time to lead once again.

A difficult truth.

There are some situations, however, where it may be in the overall best interest for you to remain on the sidelines. And this is a difficult truth to grasp. But, one thing that I have had to face in my lifetime is that sometimes we need to step away from a situation to allow it to fail. That sounds strange and harsh. But it is true nonetheless. Many times we are artificially propping up a situation or an organization through our force of will when it really needs to fail in order to have a chance to find new leadership and a new lease on life. Only you truly know your individual situation.

How about you? 

Is it time for you to get back into the rough and tumble of everyday leadership? I am here to encourage you along that journey. If you would like to talk about your leadership journey, then, click the button below and connect with me via email. Or, reach out to me via any of my other social connection possibilities.

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