Accountability: A New Methodology


Two weeks ago, I mentioned the importance of having someone’s back when it came to accountability.  I wanted to propose a new methodology when thinking of men’s small groups of accountability.

What if a group of three to six men were committed to come together regularly to pursue life transformation through prayer, Bible Study, transparent connection, and life-minded accountability?  Could lives be changed?  How about current and future marriages?  Could family trees be forever changed?  Could Fathers become daddies? Could leaders be transformed?

Duh, yes.

What if we called this methodology something like GM6?  GM6 equals Got My Six.  But who cares about the name.  We just didn’t want to call it Men’s Macrame Class.  We could call it Fight Club for all I care.  (In reality, you are fighting for your lives and families.)

So let’s complicate this thing for the sake of conversation and because we are men.   GM6 could be applied to whatever curriculum, content, or life-event chosen.  It is specific in that all its parts must be present to be GM6 but not all present at the same time.  It is a process to achieve life transformation…to be a better person in Christ than you were six days ago.

So the essential elements of GM6 would be the following-

  1. Prayer: Prayer is the air we breathe as men who follow Christ. It is vital for true transformation to happen.
  2. Study: The word of God is one of His chosen tools to chisel and form our character into His likeness.
  3. Life-minded Accountability: Every man needs accountability…not the “Gotcha! Now I’m gonna beat you up!” variety that leads to legalism and a checklist spirituality, but an accountability that is voluntarily entered into and focused on unleashing each man into the vision that God is calling him to. The result is not being beat down, but being built up. The Bible calls this edification.
  4. Life-on-Life Connection: There is great danger in doing life alone. GM6 thrive in allowing men to cultivate deeper relationships through sports, camp outs, road trips, mission projects, or just hanging out. Each group should look for avenues outside of “group” time to connect and live.

Of course to make a GM6 work…there have to be rules.  (The NFL can make silly rules…so why not our little project, eh?)

Non-Negotiable GM6 guidelines…

  1. Commitment: For life transformation to occur and the relationships to deepen, the men of the GM6 must be honored and valued regularly. Through committing to be present and fully engaged in your GM6, you actively prioritize the men involved and establish the context for growth to occur.
  2. Confidentiality: For authenticity and transparency to grow, men must be able to trust that the issues and topics discussed within the GM6 will not be shared outside of the group. Simply stated, what is said in a GM6 should stay in the GM6 with the exception of personal safety.
  3. Transparency: The atmosphere of a GM6 is to be authentic and real. Each man must seek to be open and honest about his journey. Knowing that some men struggle in this area, each group should expect for the men to grow more comfortable with transparency as they spend more time together. This progressive transparency is a healthy process that should naturally occur. Without transparency, your GM6 will never achieve a transforming impact on your life that it could.

I made this commitment years ago.  But the more important commitment I made was to follow Jesus Christ at a very young age.  He has been the transforming change in my life.  Jesus is the spine in my life.  He is the central nervous system to my manhood.  The methodology I just shared with you is the rib cage.  The center of it all is Jesus.

Now wait a minute…this is a leadership blog.  Why all the preaching?  Well, ultimately I follow the Creator of the Universe.  Jesus will ultimately lead me and you as King.  There are no primaries.  We have no say.  He is the MAN.  As a man, He was the perfect example to you and me to emulate.  Life transformation cannot occur unless you know this leader intimately.

My prayer as a leader is that my words and life will ultimately lead you to the Jesus I know on a first name basis.  And I can assure you the Creator of the Universe knows me on a first name basis.  Can you say the same?

(NOTE:  GM6 was created by the amazing Men’s Ministry at Houston’s First Baptist Church-Band of Brothers.  I assisted Eric Reed, the Men’s Minister of HFBC in authoring, naming, and promoting this amazing curriculum.)

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