That Kind of Father

Last week I asked the audience to submit a story about their father or being a father.  It could be serious or it could be funny.  In the end, I chose the following.  It is short and slightly poignant.

I am told of a dad who had to travel on business a lot when his two children were very young. It seems he would leave early in the work week and return late in the week. Some times his travels took him just far enough to make it too far to come home at night, but close enough to make it home sometimes in the middle of the week. One week he had to travel by plane even though it was just a two day trip.

Welcome Home DaddyNow he loved his children and his children loved him. How do we know that? Well consider this little situation as an example.

Although he had only been away from home for less than 48 hours, when his youngest saw the door to the jetway open, his youngest son broke loose from his mother’s grip and ran up the ramp and into his father’s arms. This startled the stewardess greatly and she asked the embarrassed mother just how long the little tike’s father had been away from home. She was expecting the mother to say that it had been many weeks since her sons had seen their Daddy. Imagine her surprise when the mother told her it had just been two days!

Now I don’t know about you. But I want to be the kind of Dad that is on the receiving end of that kind of greeting from my children. How about you?  Are your children excited when you come home at the end of the day?

Happy Father’s Day from the Entire LeadershipVoices Team


Photo credit: Michael D. Dunn / / CC BY-NC-SA

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