Encouraging Leaders

Encouraging Leaders - 1The English language is tricky.  You can read the title of today’s article in two ways.  You can read it as an admonition that we should encourage our leaders.  And that would be a great admonition and a great article.

But my purpose today is to view it from the obverse perspective.  I want to admonish leaders that we should be “encouragers” to those around us.  And who doesn’t need a little encouragement?

Encouraging Leaders - 3One of the most important tasks of a leader is to encourage his followers.  Leaders often have to lead in the midst of difficult times and through tough circumstances.  These times and circumstances weigh heavily on our team.  And one of the things to which they will look to their leaders is encouragement.

Are you an encourager?  Do you build your team up?  Do you take pro-active steps to speak positive words to your team as they struggle with the tasks that you have given them?  Or are you demeaning and demanding?  When your team sees you approaching are they looking forward to what you are about to say?  Or do they feel a sense of dread and foreboding in your presence?

Encouraging Leaders - 2If I were to make a list of those who need encouragement from me, as a father, I need to look no farther than my own home.  It seems to me that daily life today is an assault on one’s self-esteem and confidence.  Our kids’ schools are not very affirming to those who are not part of the “In” crowd.  And, unfortunately, many of our churches are not much better.  Many churches have the same “caste society” that the world employs.  And if you are not part of the Worship Team or friends with the pastoral staff then you can go largely unnoticed.

So, what is the point on Fatherhood Friday?

It is this.  As a father, I will not outsource encouragement to anyone.  I will take that task, that honor, and that privilege upon myself and I will build up my kids sense of worth and help them to realize that they are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  And I will remind them that God does not make mistakes and that they are incredibly special to me and to the One who created them.

What about you?  When was the last time that you encouraged someone?  More directly, when was the last time that you encouraged your children?  It is never too late.

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