Go To The Source

A Lesson from the Sandbox

Go to the Source

There is still so much more to say about the leadership lessons that I learned while playing in the sandbox recently with my youngest grandson.

As you may recall, we were playing in the sandbox in the backyard and he was trying to fill up a little red duck water pitcher.  A few days ago we discussed the need to shake things up in order to increase the capacity of our leadership abilities. Much as I shook that little pitcher and gave it a little shake to let the sand settle, we need to shake up our routine a little in order to accomplish more.

Now let’s look at my second observation in a little more detail.

Go to the source

Although my little grandson had access to all the sand in the sandbox, he always wanted to use the sand that I was accumulating in whatever container I was using at any given moment. He was surrounded by sand. But, “Papa’s sand was the best sand” as far as he was concerned. And really, why collect or gather your own sand when you can ask for the old Tupperware container that Papa has and pour that sand into your sandwheel spinning contraption.

What is the leadership lesson?

Go to the “source” whenever possible. Last weekend, I was the source of the “good sand” in my little grandson’s world. He could have dug up a bunch of sand on his own. But, why do that when there is plenty of sand available in Papa’s container? And what’s more, I was happy to share it with him. If you have access to the source of whatever you need, utilize it and maximize it. Then, you can use your finite energy and resources on accumulating the harder stuff of life.

What is the “Source?”

I could take a very theological approach to the question, “What is the source?” However, I will leave that to others. Instead, I want to take a more practical approach. Here is how I want to define “source” today.

The source is anyone who has a wealth of experiences that you do not yet have. Don’t go to folks who are as lost as you may feel at times. Instead, go to the person who experiencing great success in the area that you need help and learn from the one that has blazed the trail and has already experienced the challenges that you face and has overcome.

“For light, I go directly to the Source of light, not to any of the reflections.” — Mildred Lisette Norman

The source is anyone who is genuine and not a mere imitator of the real thing. The source is the mold and the rest are just copies. They may be very good high-quality copies. But they are not the original. Sometimes we may call them “wannabes.” But I think that is a little pejorative. My point is that we need to go back to the original whenever possible.

At the end of the day, this is really an impassioned plea for you to seek a mentor. A mentor can be the source of many great experiences in your life and in your leadership development. A mentor can be the source of great experiences.

Consider the words of Albert Einstein as I close:

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Do you need a source for great experiences that will help you grow? If so, reach out to us and let us help you get connected to a source of great wisdom and life experiences.

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