Vision Alone Is Not Enough

Are you too focused on the vision?

Vision Alone Is Not Enough

Are you too focused on the vision? Wait a minute! I am the leader. Isn’t vision one of the main things that I need to provide to my organization? — Yes! Vision is vital to the future of any organization. But just having a vision is not enough.

To be clear, most organizations do not die for lack of vision. In fact, vision and goals abound in many organizations today. Consider with me for a few moments about what to do with a vision and what your role is in moving beyond having a worthy and lofty vision.

What more is there than just having a vision?

Here are the rest of the things that we need to do with a vision all along the path for our organization once we get a sense of what that vision looks like. Consider this as the “total lifecycle” of vision for you and for your organization.

See the Vision – You may see the vision first. In fact, I can make a case for leaders being among the first to see the vision for just where their organization is going. It may be yours alone at this point. But it can’t remain that way.

Share the Vision – You may see it first. But you cannot possess it alone. You must immediately begin to share the vision and show it to those around you so that they can review it, refine it, and release it to the rest of the organization as a better vision than what you originally received. The vision is beginning to be a shared vision.

Sow the Vision – This could just as easily have said “Sell” the vision. Because it is vital to the acceptance and the ultimate success that you “sow” it like a farmer sows seeds. We know that all seeds will not sprout. And even some that do will not thrive and bear any fruit. But it is our job as leaders to sow the vision as far and wide as we can. The vision is now starting to become a collective vision that the entire team and organization owns.

Surrender the Vision – This may be one of the toughest parts of this process. We must surrender the vision to our team. Our job as leaders is not always to get down into the weeds and the details. Rather we are to keep our heads up and be watching for changes around us that may impact how we execute our vision. The vision is now fully owned by the whole organization and the whole organization is striving to make the vision a reality.

Supersede the Vision – If surrendering is not the toughest part, then perhaps this one is. We cannot just be visionary. And just working hard isn’t enough. We must deliver. We must produce the desired result. And real leaders are able to go beyond just delivering what was expected. Real leaders go on to supersede the original vision that came to us.

Share the Success – This could easily have been “Celebrate” the vision. But my love for alliteration won out. So, we are “Sharing” the success. Do you want folks to catch your next vision? Then celebrate with them upon the successful completion of this one.

Seek a New Vision – Don’t be content with past or even current success. Seek a new vision of what your organization can accomplish. The team is pumped. The team is ready. Let’s go and seek a new vision!

Does this make sense to you? Are you “good” at vision? What do you do with the vision? How do you go about sharing that vision and then going on to create all of the plans that will be required to see your vision become a reality?

If you need help, reach out to us here at Leadership Voices and let’s set up a time to look at your vision and what it will take to make it a successful reality in your organization. Click the button below and send us a note and we will contact you and see if there is a way that we can work with you and your vision.

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