When to Charge Ahead

And When to Leave it Alone

When to Charge Ahead

How do we determine when we are to charge ahead as leaders or leave it alone and deal with it another day?

Never put off until tomorrow . . . 

We have all been taught in elementary school that we should not put off until tomorrow a kindness that we can do today. But what about a tough decision that we must make as a leader? Is there ever a situation where we would want to put that off for another time down the road? 

When? That is the question!

When is it right to charge ahead and take the bull by the horns and lead in the midst of a difficult situation? And when is it right to stand back and leave the issue alone and take a more relaxed and non-confrontational approach? These are legitimate questions that I have wrestled with in my own mind for many years. I have been guilty of rushing in too hard, too fast, or too soon. And I have been equally guilty of ignoring or turning away from a situation that had a whole lot of downside and very little upside that would drain all of my mental or emotional energy.

The problem is in knowing when to charge ahead and seize the moment. And knowing when to relax and take a more measured approach to the issue that faces us.

What are your thoughts? And how did you make the determination regarding the approach that you would take? Did you ever consider that taking the relaxed approach was a sign of weakness or indecision? Did it make the situation better or worse by your decision? Is the bolder and more direct approach always the better approach? Is it, at least, the better approach more often than not?

Why am I asking?

I am asking this question right now because I am facing several interesting and difficult leadership challenges right now in several areas of my life. And I am seeking some advice and some guidance on how to approach these decisions. Specifically, I would like your thoughts on the relative merits of each approach. Even if you are usually only a “reader” and not a “commenter,” I hope that you will consider replying with your thoughts in a comment below. But, if you are not willing to share your thoughts publicly, then just drop me an email with your thoughts on how to deal with tough decisions.

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