Rene Rivera

Rene Rivera Bio PhotoI’m a man (no apologies), husband, father, jerk (apologies), infidel, peace officer, and best friend that happens to be saved by God’s amazing grace.

My passion is for the unapologetic pursuit of Biblical manhood.  I co-created a curriculum entitled GM6 which stands for “Got My Six” a term that many with a military background will appreciate.  The curriculum was used to try to build a vibrant men’s ministry at Houston’s First Baptist Church.  I am also one of the Administrators for Leadership Voices.

My personal challenge to you is to take a few minutes out of your day and enjoy the content on the blogosphere that is Leader Voices and let your voice be heard.  


Accountability: Like-Minded versus Life-Minded

Conversely, if you seek life-minded relationships, you strike at the core issues of life and you will begin to live.  My challenge to you.  Every man needs accountability.  Your life depends on it.   Seek men who are life-minded and committed to life-transformation through Christ.  Today.


Accountability: Two Men on a Roof

Accountability: I Got Your Back, Bro!

Accountability: A New Methodology

Accountability. Who needs it? (Part One)

This accountability can be elusive.  Many men find accountability so frustrating because we have a tendency to cling to those individuals who flatter and rationalize our actions.  They tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear.


I'm a man(no apologies), husband, father, jerk(apologies), infidel, strongman in a storm, peace officer, and best friend that happens to be saved by God's amazing grace.