Accountability: Like-Minded versus Life-Minded


As humans, we have a tendency to gravitate toward like-minded individuals and passions. Our society dictates this model through political correctness, polling, media, rugged individualism, and Climate Change.  (Okay…not so much Climate Change but you catch my drift.)  The danger is we subscribe to it like sheep in relationships and because we are like-minded we are easily deceived and we believe that everything is okay in our little like-minded world.  So we scratch our heads wondering when the wheels fell off the wagon.   But why do we subscribe to it?  Why do we dismiss a need for true meaningful accountability?

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Breakfast was served!


It was great to be a man this morning and to be a part of a great fellowship breakfast.  All I can say is that if you are local to Houston, TX and you missed it, then you really missed it!  Our own Rene Rivera spoke to a group of 35 men of all ages this morning on the subject of Biblical Manhood and Accountability.  And he was spot on!  His use of the term “Life-minded” is something that I hope he will develop further for our audience.

What this culture needs above almost all else is strong Godly men to lead their families.  Men who realize that this is not a sled dog race and that we don’t lead from the back.


But the day would not have happened if it hadn’t been for the vision of Billy Long, Randy Meekes and a few others at our first Author’s Breakfast a few weeks ago.  Six men met at a Denny’s on a Saturday recently to strategize and plan for the development and growth of LeadershipVoices.  One of the things that was clear that morning was that there is a need for men to meet together and fellowship.  And today certainly proved it as we experienced this morning.

One of the things that came out of this morning is a new focus area for the blog.  Rene will be moving his posting activity from Thursdays and will launch what we are tentatively calling “Manhood Monday” this coming Monday.  Each week he will develop some tidbit that can be used to make us men better leaders in our homes, jobs, churches and in our culture.  I am looking forward to what Rene brings to the blog each week.  What about you?

If you have an idea for a better title than Manhood Monday then reply  or comment with your idea.