Tipping Back from the Tipping Point

Tipping Back from the Tipping Point - 1The blog has taken a bit of a political turn in the last few days. We are sorry if that offends you. Our intent is not to be political in nature. But, when there is a crisis in leadership, it invariably turns a little political at times. When the truth is both colors, “Red” and “Blue”, have gotten us into this mess.  —  OK, enough of that.

My focus today is really on the root cause of some of the break down in leadership that we are currently experiencing. I began to trace the problem back to the root as I was conversing with someone today. My point to him was that what we are experiencing today is not the result of something that happened today. It is the result of what happened yesterday and many thousand yesterdays ago.

Tipping Back from the Tipping Point - 2I believe that our Nation is clearly at an inflection point. And it has gotten that way because our society and our culture tipped past the inflection point years ago. Prior to that, our churches tipped past that inflection point many years ago. And prior to that, our homes tipped past that point of inflection. Therefore, I choose to go back to the fundamental unit of society which is the family and try to rebuild it from the family unit perspective first and foremost.

And I call upon you men and you fathers to begin to lift the long lever in your family that will begin to tip in the other direction. If we do that, we will tip that one family back the other way. That family will seek other families of similar inclination and encourage them to be strong. I believe that they will seek God and His help and that we will see a resurgence of men in the church and the church will tip back to the direction that it rightly needs to be. And society and culture will follow because there is beginning to be a preponderance of men and families who are now viewing the world through different filters. And if all of this happens over time then the politics will take care of themselves — both Red and Blue!

So what is the Fatherhood Principle today?

Tipping Back from the Tipping Point - 3The principle is that we are the foundational blocks upon which society was intended to rest. And when we as men are weak, we will be weak fathers. We will raise weak children and they will create a weak society that does not have the fortitude to stand for what is right and to take the commands of the Gospel seriously when it comes to how we are to live together and treat one another.  But I believe that we have the power to begin to tip things back the other direction.  Archimedes tells us a little bit about the power of a lever and force rightly applied.  Archimedes said:

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

Dads – Do not be discouraged. You can move the world.  You can stick a lever into the base of your family and you can lift your family up.

Be strong and courageous and let’s lock our shields together and covenant together to guard one another and be a builder of men and not a wrecking ball to our culture. And the home is the right place to start.

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