Cherishable or Perishable?

Cherishable or Perishable - 1What are you trying to build in your organization or in your home? Are you trying to build something that will perish and will not last? Or are you building something that you and those around you will cherish for the rest of their lives?

There are several verses in Scripture that I could point to at this point. But I believe that the words and thoughts that I will share with you transcend because they are based in immutable truths. And the truth is that what we build with quality and upon good foundations is what is most valuable and will last the longest. And those become the things that we truly cherish.

What does it mean to build cherishable and not perishable? I believe it starts with a value system that values memories over material. In other words, it is a value system that would emphasize shared experiences over individual experiences. It is a value system that a person is worth more than the collective value of their “stuff”.

Cherishable or Perishable - 2I began to noodle this idea based upon the recent article entitled “Leadership Sacrifices” by Billy Long. Long poses some piercing questions. He says in that article: “Could there have been a better example set, or a better lesson taught, by doing without and being together? How about a leader at a large well respected and prosperous company? Do you think he has made any sacrifices to get to the top? Now I don’t mean anything unethical or illegal. I am referencing how many ball games have they missed? How many dance recitals have they missed, how many family dinners have been later, because of their position and status?”

The question that pierced my heart asked about the value of being together (something cherishable) over the temporary value gained from working overtime (something perishable) that would draw us away from home. Society and culture tell us men that our purpose in life is to provide the best house, the best cars and the best clothes for our families. And if we do that, we are successful husbands and fathers. But all of those are perishable. Society and modern culture are wrong on this point.

So what is the point for Fatherhood Friday?

Cherishable or Perishable - 3My point is this. The greatest need that your family has is YOU. It is not your money. It is your time. You cannot take your money with you. But you can create memories that will last a lifetime. In fact, they will last multiple lifetimes. Those memories will outlive you and will live on in the lives of your children. And that will establish a pattern. And that will in turn create a legacy.

Today is Friday.  Try to leave work a little early today and head home.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  Plan a little surprise for your wife and kids and take them to the park to play.  Play a game of “Monster Tag” or “Hide and Go Sneak”. Eat lunch on a blanket in the backyard or in the family room or down in the basement. Make it an adventure.

Some of you may have already made plans or you have to get the car fixed and Saturday is the only day to get that done. I am not trying to guilt anyone into anything if you already have plans. But, next Friday or next Saturday you get another opportunity.  The good news is that you have opportunities everyday to make a memory and make a change in your value system.

Cherish today. Do something today that will not perish.

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