The Magic of Compounding “Interest”

4 Generations

The older I get, the more “interested” I am in Fatherhood. I am interested because I believe that there is a compounding or cumulative effect of being a good father. Just like there is a compounding effect to our money due to the interest it generates in an investment vehicle, so it is for us a fathers.  A good father begets a good father who begets another good father. And so it goes down through the generations. Or at least it is possible for it to happen that way.

This reality was driven home again today as 4 generations sat around the tables and enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal. We were fortunate to have my father, my son, and my two grandsons with us together for several hours fellowshipping at the table.

I have spoken many times about the impact that my father has had on my life. But up to this point I have not really made many statements about the impact that he is having on subsequent generations. He is a humble man and I will do well to model that as I continue to write this.

So what is the point on Fatherhood Friday?

The point is that our interest in being legacy leadership fathers is multiplied the more that each of us focuses on being the kind of father that God calls us to be. And as we do, we model that interest in being a better father to our children. And in turn, they model it for their children. You can begin to see the cumulative effects of being a great father. You can see it in your son. And you can see it in your son’s son.

But here is the hard truth. It doesn’t have to matter what kind of father you had. You can break the mold and begin a new generation of legacy leadership fathers. And you can establish a new tradition with you as the one who started it.  We can help you.

Question: What can you do to start or strengthen the “interest” in being legacy leadership fathers for those who will come after you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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