Fatherhood Friday

Fatherhood Friday 1We seem to be finding our groove.  Blogically speaking, that is.

“Manday” has been a big hit.  Each Monday the blog will focus on manly or manhood issues.  Rene Rivera will lead the charge on that front.  But there may be other voices from time to time if Rene gets too busy keeping us safe from crime here in Houston!

“New Author Tuesday” became “New Author Wednesday” recently.  And it was launched with a lot of traffic as Jamie Read’s article was visited almost 50 times in the first 24 hours.  That is impressive.  I guess these young bloggers have a good handle on social media and she was able to drive considerable interest in the blog.  “Thanks!” Jamie.  And who knows.  We may need to create a “Women’s Wednesday” and move the introduction of new authors to another day.

And today I am launching “Fatherhood Friday”. 

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Advice to a Thirteen Year Old Boy


 My youngest son is turning thirteen years old in February.

As a family, we perform a Manhood Ceremony for our boys.

Two years ago, we had a very intimate family gathering where we presented our oldest several items signifying his journey into Manhood.  These items are reminders of his role as a Man and some were challenges as he grows in adulthood.

The evening was amazing.  Parents and grandparents prayed and bestowed gifts to our oldest on his birthday.  As a father, I passed on the blessing to my first born.  I gave him permission to pursue Biblical manhood and I promised to be there to guide him.

One item I gave my oldest was

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