Foundational Fathers

Foundational Fathers - 1We have taken a little bit of a political turn lately here at LeadershipVoices and I think that was important and I think that folks were expressing deep concerns about the state of our culture and society.  The events of the last 2 weeks have pointed to a dramatic lack of leadership across the board.

So, today want to step back from some of the thoughts expressed recently and go back to the foundation of society once again. And for me, that foundation is the home and the key to much of it is the role that we as fathers have in establishing that home with a firm foundation.

And in that vein, I would offer up today seven things that fathers can do to be “Foundational Fathers”. The seven things that I offer today are common characteristics of fathers who are foundational to their families and therefore foundational to their society:

  • Foundational Fathers Love Jesus – You cannot be a Foundational Father to your earthly children if you don’t have a foundational relationship with your Heavenly Father. This I believe strongly. Can you still be a good father without this? Yes, but we need the strength and guidance as fathers that only comes from our Heavenly Father.
  • Foundational Fathers Leave a Godly Legacy – It is our primary responsibility to be the Spiritual Leader of our home. Do not “outsource” that to Mom. Instead, lead your children and raise them to love and honor their Heavenly Father as their earthly father has taught them.
  • Foundational Fathers Deeply Love Their Children’s Mother – Dr. James Dobson is quoted as saying that the greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. Give your children a priceless gift and legacy by modeling a deep and abiding love and commitment to your wife and the mother of your children.
  • Foundational Fathers Love Their Children Unconditionally – You may not ever have to offer unconditional love. Perhaps your children will never disobey. Perhaps they will always do what is right and honoring to you. Perhaps not. And it is in those times where they are not walking the right path that you will discover the capacity for unconditional love. You will possess it if it has possessed you.
  • Foundational Fathers Build Memories, Not Material Wealth – This is not an admonition against having money and nice things. In fact I will deal with that next. Rather, we recognize that our time with our children is fleeting. And we would rather spend that time in the pursuit of cherishable memories and not perishable things.
  • Foundational Fathers Are Generous – Do not hold too tightly to the things that you have. They are not worth anything compared to your children. It is simple, don’t buy it if you are unwilling to have it pooped on, spit up on, bent, broken or scratched. Besides, weddings are expensive and you will need to be prepared for that day. There will come a time after the kids are grown and you will be able to buy that “thing” you always wanted. But don’t be surprised that once you can afford it, you really don’t want it after all.
  • Foundational Fathers Celebrate Milestones – Birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, holidays and weddings are a BIG deal. Foundational fathers and their families celebrate these special days and make them memorable.

There are many other things that could go on this list. I hope that you have already thought about some of them and that will share them with the rest of us by leaving a comment on the blog.

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