Hello? Any leaders out there?

Are leaders like superheroes?

Where Are All The Leaders?

I “feel” (and we know how dangerous it is to operate on feelings) that there are fewer leaders now than in days gone by. It may or may not be so. But it seems that is the case. Leaders must be a lot like superheroes. I wonder where all of them have gone as well.

Why does there seem to be so few leaders on the local, national and international stage? Are they really there and I just don’t see them? If they are there, why don’t I see them or recognize them?

One of the characteristics that define a leader is that they are growing and developing other leaders around them. It has been said, and I agree, I truly great leader is defined more by the number of other leaders they create than the number of followers that they create.

So, what is the point and the leadership principle here?

The leadership principle is this. And I am going to speak again from a male perspective to a male audience today as I did in my most recent article. If you are a woman, please pass this along to some men that you know who could benefit from some encouragement today.

One of the most important tasks that we have as fathers and grandfathers is to develop our sons and our grandsons into the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. I am truly blessed with a son and two incredible grandsons. And the grandsons, well, have I showed you their pictures? These little guys are top notch!

If I do nothing else for the rest of my life, my goal is to pour myself into their lives and to make myself available to them for any and all questions about life that they may have.

Here is a follow-up question: “Where is the next group of leaders going to come from?”

Are they going to come from your home? Perhaps you don’t have any sons or grandsons. Are they going to come from somewhere within you circle of influence?

How about you, dads? Are you developing any leaders in your home? You can do it. It just takes some time, a lot of patience, and a lifelong dedication to the task. And our future society depends on your success in raising a generation of leaders. And society doesn’t even realize it!

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