eBook editions of The Emotionally Agile Leader

Kindle and Nook editions are now available!

If you don’t like to buy books in print editions, then I have great news for you! You can now get The Emotionally Agile Leader in Nook and in Kindle versions right now.

These electronic versions have just been released by the publisher and they are in pre-sales mode just like the print version. So, the ebooks will be arriving on your ereaders on October 1, 2018 for any purchases made between now and release date. The book is doing very well in pre-sales and we are processing a couple of bulk orders by leaders who want to distribute this book within their organizations to really impact their leadership teams.

What is the book about?

We live in a chaotic world. Some of us are called to leadership positions in the midst of that chaos. How will we act and react? The leaders who will succeed in these times are the ones who are emotionally agile. That is the basis for The Emotionally Agile Leader. 

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Workshop

Really looking forward to talking about one of my favorite leadership topics – Servant Leadership. I have the great opportunity to speak to a room full of marketing professionals about how servant leadership may transform their organizations.

Servant Leadership Workshop on August 17th at 1:30pm at SMPS Build Business 2018 in San Diego, CA at the fabulous Marriott Marquis at the Marina.



The Emotionally Agile Leader

My Big Announcement

My latest book is about to be published! The book, The Emotionally Agile Leader is the culmination of nearly two years of writing, editing, and preparing to launch my perspective on emotional intelligence as it manifests itself in the life of a leader.

I have been teasing this announcement for several weeks while I have been taking a break from regular writing and posting on the website. And today I want to announce that the book will soon be available in several outlets. Final distribution details are still being finalized. But, we are just a few short weeks away from The Emotionally Agile Leader going on sale!

What is an emotionally agile leader?

The best way to understand the basis for the book is to realize that we live in a chaotic world. Some of us are called to leadership positions in the midst of that chaos. How will we act and react when that happens? The leaders who will succeed in these times are the ones who are emotionally agile. That is the basis for The Emotionally Agile Leader. 

As emotionally agile leaders, we must not merely adapt. We must be agile. Being adaptive does indeed indicate a change. But the change can be imperceptibly slow. The change can be evolutionary and not revolutionary. It can be like a giant battleship or aircraft carrier. These ships must have the ability to turn and maneuver. And they do. They just can’t do it fast. It takes time and distance to turn a giant ship around. 

Contrast that with the image of a Vietnam era “swift boat.” These boats were small shallow-draft vessels used to patrol the coastal and inland waterways of the Mekong Delta. As their name would indicate, they were small, fast, and highly maneuverable craft.

In the pages of the book you will get:

  • A refresher on Emotional Intelligence
  • A call to introspection as a means of identifying the key emotions that drive our behaviors
  • Tools to manage your own emotions that affect your leadership abilities
  • Habits to form to increase your leadership abilities
  • And an invitation and methodology to create more emotionally agile leaders as you mentor other leaders around you

What are folks saying about the book?

What are folks saying who have read the advanced reader copy (ARC) of the manuscript?. I have gotten overwhelmingly positive responses from folks who have received and read the ARC. Friends, business leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and fellow leaders are saying great things about the book. Just take a look at the book launch trailer video and get a sense of what some are saying about The Emotionally Agile Leader. 

Would you like to be a part of the Launch Team?

I already have a launch team of more than 50 folks who have seen the value of the material in The Emotionally Agile Leader and who are committed to helping spread the word via social media. Would you like to be a part of the Launch Team? If so, click this button below and send me an email and I will add you to the team. I will be sending the launch team a dedicated message and will be giving them some advance content not yet available to the public and will have some special gifts for those who rise to the challenge to help spread the message via social media and other channels of communication with their circle of influence.

Will you help me launch The Emotionally Agile Leader? Will you be a part of the team? Will you start by clicking one of the buttons below and then will you come back here and share this big announcement to your social media network via one of the social media icons above the article or that are on the left side of your screen if you are on a computer and across the bottom of the screen if you are on a mobile device? That is what I need to start generating some excitement and to make this book a big success.

Thank you!

I want to be on the Launch Team!

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Still on a bit of a hiatus

And still working on the details of the big announcement

I hope that you and your family have had an opportunity to take some time this summer and get away to rest, relax, refresh, and revitalize the most important relationships on the earth. I have been very fortunate to have taken some time to be with family in a spectacular setting. And I have been enjoying doing some work in the background on a big announcement.

Thanks for being patient with me as I work through some details and logistical matters. My hope is that it will be worth it and that the time working behind the scenes will have been well spent.

Have a great week and I will be making the big announcement soon.

By the way, I have given you a clue in the graphic image in the last post. And there is another clue in this one. Some of you may have picked up on it. Some of you may not. But, I hope it will make sense to you soon and you will see the clues in the light of their obvious meaning after the announcement.

Have a great week!

A Hiatus and then a Big Announcement

This photo is a hint

It has been a few weeks since my last article. And I am on a little hiatus. In fact, I am taking a little time away from work to spend with those that I hold dearest to my heart. We have 2/3 of the family under one roof right now and can’t wait for the other 1/3 to arrive.

The last 12 months has been a bit tough at times. Although we have come through some difficult days, there is some exciting news that I want to share in the coming weeks. I have spent any spare moments the last 2 weeks working on something that is really exciting.

And you will see that news here first. Soon you will see an announcement here on the website. And you will see similar announcements in several other social media locations as well. But, right now, I am kicked back and enjoying some downtime.  However, I have used the photo above as a clue. Can you spot the clue in the photo?

Stay tuned  . . .

Kevin Bowser Finalizes Book Deal

Signing the Contract

Today was a great day for me and for Leadership Voices, LLC. This afternoon I completed the negotiation and finalized the contract to write a book with the help and support of all the great folks at Lucid Books.

I am humbled and honored to be a part of the great family of authors and writers that have been published by Lucid Books. Casey Cease has built an incredible team. They have been unbelievably helpful as I began the process of developing another writing project.  They have coached and encouraged me and they have also provided valuable insights and guidance as I am working my way through the process.

Kevin & Casey

If you have ever thought about writing a book, or you have a book idea in your head that you have not taken beyond the idea phase, please talk to the great team at Lucid Books and experience the joy of working with the great professionals that are there to help you get your idea out of your head and into a book.

Watch for more news to come as this book project takes shape.

New eBook – 4 Resolutions Every Leader Should Make – is now available!

Kevin Bowser’s latest eBook is now available for free download at his NoiseTrade site.  This book is a collection of the first series of articles that appeared on the website starting January 1, 2016. This series dealt with the importance of establishing and writing down 4 specific resolutions that every leaders should make this year.

Four Resolutions - Smaller

It is a very short book and will help you keep those first five articles in a handy format to reference throughout this year.  You can get the ebook for free at Kevin’s NoiseTrade Author Site and you can get it for FREE.

Just click the link below and go directly to the NoiseTrade site and download your copy in either Kindle or Nook format.

Thanks again to my editor, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, for her work and for helping correct the grammar errors that I seem to keep making over and over again!

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4 Resolutions Every Leader Should Make.”

Leadership Voices is Taking a Sabbatical

In the almost 3 years that Leadership Voices has been blending various voices of leadership into a message of hope and encouragement, we have grown and attracted a following of nearly 2,200 folks who share our passion.  And each of you have made us sharper through your comments and your feedback.  But, in order to remain a great resource on the subject of leadership, we are going to be taking a sabbatical leave to re-evaluate our web presence, our content, our focus, and our brand.

During that time, I would invite you to remain tied in to the various well known and big name thinkers within the leadership movement. But, I also want to invite you to get connected with someone who I believe is on the leading edge of servant leadership and becoming, what Rodney Mills calls, a Transformational Servant Leader.

Rethink Leadership Crash Course Image

Click this link to get connected with RethinkLeadership.net.

But stay tuned and check back here from time to time over the next 6 weeks to see how we are progressing.

Leadercast has a new Silver Sponsor!

Banner - 800w

Leadership Voices, LLC is proud to announce
that we will be a Silver Sponsor
at this year’s Leadercast.

Leadership Voices, LLC will be partnering with Centrifuge Leadership, LLC to present the Leadercast simulcast in The Woodlands this year.

The lineup this year is outstanding and you won’t want to miss this exciting and inspirational time.  It will also be a great opportunity to network with other leaders.  Continuing education CEUs are available.  And your ticket price includes a great Chick-fil-a breakfast and lunch.

And there is one more thing.  If you use the Promo Code VOICES15 when you register, you will receive a special discount.  But you have to use that promo code.  Click this link below and register while there is still special Early Bird pricing available.  Use that promo code and get an additional discount off the early bird pricing.  You can use the promo code any time you register.  But you increase your discount if you register soon!

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Most Read Article on LeadershipVoices.com

Mohandas Gandhi

Perhaps it is appropriate that this article Mahatma Gandhi – A Quiet Leader, became the single most searched for and read article on LeadershipVoices.com while I have been here in Bangalore, India this week.  As I was reviewing some recent web traffic statistics and analytics I saw that an article that I wrote back in February of 2013 has become the most popular article on the entire site.  So, perhaps now would be a good time for you to read it if you are new to LeadershipVoices in the recent months.  Gandhi appeared in another article one year later and you may want to check it out as well.

Click here to see the first article as it first appeared on February 13, 2013.  And click here to see the second article that appeared on February 12, 2014 where there was a comparison drawn to a couple of quotes.  One from Mahatmas Gandhi and one from former Soviet leader, Boris Yeltsin.